Terra Mauka Suite

Livingroom with a comfortable foldout futon sofa for sleeping, relaxing, or watching TV
Flowing river floor tiles lead down the hall to an outside lanai and great lawn
Natural edge granite table and seating area for dining, writing or working on a computer
Sunset tinted walls surround a Cal king bed with a sky colored mosquito net
Bright and roomy bathroom with a granite counter and porcelain vessel sink
A desert horizon stretches across an original curved three dimensional painting
A first sunrise on a new terra embodies our interdependence with the inanimate elements of mother earth--water, earth, wind, and fire.


Dark dense stones, clear blue water, strongly colored sunsets, and rich red clay--all are part of the shades and tones that make up Terra. Original art pieces add perspective: a large three dimensional oil painting presents us with the surreal image of a giant lotus at sunrise thrusting through an arctic ocean like pointed icebergs. Another curved painting depicts a desolate desert skyline stretching away into a distant horizon. Here we are surrounded by Elemental Mother Earth, stripped clean of all the trimmings.

Special Features

-Mini-refrigerator, microwave oven, and electric tea kettle
-Direct door to outside lanai and the great lawn
-Ensuite bathroom
-Flat screen TV
-WiFi and ethernet connection
-Secure on-site parking


570 square feet


Mauka (mountain side) ground floor


Sleeps 2-4
(Cal King bed & double futon fold-out couch)
(Facilities for infants and young children not yet available)