About Utopium

Utopium is a 50 acre forested estate located in Hawaii. Nicknamed "Puputopia" (Utopia in Pupukea), its private and peaceful setting is conducive to relaxation, reflection and creativity. Situated on the grounds of Utopium is the Mobius House where individuals and groups can come to rest, recuperate and/or participate in the arts, writing, intellectual discussions, meditation, and health programs. Community organizations are also welcome to gather their members and hold meetings, and various events, workshops, seminars, and celebrations are hosted as part of the Utopium mission.

Utopium Thought

Utopium was conceived as a place where "utopian thinking" is encouraged---where dialogues of what makes a better world can continue---and artistic creativity is nurtured. It uses the image of the Mobius strip, a three dimensional infinity loop with a single surface that twists through space, to symbolize how seemingly independent aspects of our environment are actually parts of an interconnected whole sharing a common destiny. Specifically it looks at the relationship between various spheres such as the elemental world, the animal world, the flora or plant world, the social world, our inner world, and the future world.

Utopium's goal is not only to trigger thought, but also to exemplify harmonious interaction between these different worlds in an artistic and thoughtful manner. The Mobius House itself is an organic, terracotta-colored shape that undulates across the ground like a natural outcropping of the earth. In it, each room seeks to generate an atmosphere that contemplates our relation with one of the aspects of our environment: Terra Mauka Suite (the natural elemental world), The Ark (the animal kingdom), Forest Master Suite (the floral or plant world), The Path (the inner self), Odyssey Makai Suite (the future), or the Hive, Library, and Commons (society ). Bamboo, eucalyptus, pine, guava and other renewable woods from the surrounding forest are selectively harvested, milled, and worked to become knobs, banisters, shelves, tables, and other furniture found in the living spaces. The majority of the property is held as open land or left in its natural forested state, additionally allowing it to serve as a preserve for wild animals and birds in the area, and grazing for horses is provided.

Private guests as well as groups are welcome to visit and participate in this special and stimulating setting.