Public Spaces

Mobius House
View from main entrance
Main kitchen and dining area
Lobby in the commons
Outside lanais open onto the Great Lawn and surrounding forest
Meet and talk upstairs in the hive
Curved canvas oil painting "Shanna Shell"
Floor plan of the mobius house
An infinite single sided mobius strip symbolizes, visually and conceptually, the endless cyclical motion of all things--seemingly independent entities on different paths--actually interdependent parts converging into one destiny.


As part of the overall Utopium effort, the Mobius House was designed as a live-in sculpture where every room encourages thought and artistic inspiration with regard to diverse spheres of human interaction. Each individual living space seeks to generate an atmosphere that emphasizes our relation with a certain aspect of our environment, whether it is the natural elemental world (Terra Mauka Suite), the animal kingdom (The Ark), the floral or plant world (Forest Master Suite), society (the Hive, Library, and Commons), the inner self (The Path), or the future (Odyssey Makai Suite).

Special Features

-Five individual suites
-"The Commons" hall and lobby area capable of seating up to 75 people
-Full kitchen and dining area for 8-12 diners
-Large outside lanai overlooking the "Great Lawn" and surrounding forest
-"The Hive" community lounge area
-"The Library" with a collection of novels, reference books, magazines, and board games
-WiFi and ethernet connection
-Music system
-Secure on-site parking


6500 square feet


Sleeps 12-16
(Cal King beds & double futon fold-out couches)
(Facilities for infants and young children not yet available)